Crete Eats





Zampeliou, Khania, Crete

The first of my picks for Khania is tucked away in the winding streets beyond the harbour. The restaurant is in the shell of a 17th century ruin – combining crumbling walls with fairy lights – you know the stuff of Pinterest dreams. The only hitch was that my night-time photography sucks big time, so combine that with 2 glasses of wine and you have very few pictures to justify how amazing this place is. Sorry guys. So I guess you’ll just visit and you’ll have all the feels, just like me. Oh also, order the Halloumi – kind of goes without saying, no?






Marathis Beach, Crete

Another Pinterest orgasm, lots of white tables and great flower arrangements on the go here. Is it just me or was Greece never this fancy when we were growing up? Well either way, it looks jazzy now and plenty of Instagram opportunities at every corner. This restaurant specialises in seafood (calls itself a fish tavern, which sounds way more bizarre IMHO) and does fantastic salmon. So if you’re feeling like you need to top up on your fish oils and great nutrients, step inside.








Tamam, Zampeliou 49, Khania, Crete

This was the first of many places I became queen of over-ordering. Luckily on this occasion it was my birthday so I adopted a treat yo’ self mentality, unfortunately that didn’t subside for the rest of the week….ahem. Get the vine leaves and the Cretean sausages.

  • sophie

    I love your amazing pictures and the food in the photos look very tasty.Everything just looks lovely:-)

    • Aw thank you Sophie that is so sweet!! Thanks so much for leaving a comment xx

  • Great post, the food looks amazing. I am going to Kefalonia next week and cannot wait for lots of Greek food.


    • Thanks so much Lyndsey! I hope you have the best time – I ate SO much feta cheese :) xxx

  • I always over-order too, I always worry about whether or not the will be enough food for everyone to eat. I love making sure everyone is full before leaving ! Also I loved the way you capture the essence in each photo !


    • Exactly! Better too much than too little right?? Thanks so much – I’m glad you liked my photos :) xxx

  • Over ordering is LIFE. Especially when it comes to places like TGI Fridays or Miler and Carter. Gorgeous snaps as always! What camera do you use?!? Teach me your ways. xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

    • YOU CAN NEVER have too many cheese and bacon potato skins at TGI Fridays – every decent person knows that. Xxxx
      Ps. Camera tips – YouTube is my jam – it teaches me all. Also my camera is canon 50mm!!!