Chicago Eats






Doves Luncheonette, 1545 N Damen Ave, Chicago

I really don’t even like chicken that much. When it’s raw it smells so weird and I can’t really bring myself to touch it. And when it’s cooked it is just a bit non-eventful. Plus I think I associate it with dieting, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

So anyway, the point of this longwinded insight to my boring life is that the Buttermilk Chicken with chorizo verde gravy, pearl onions and sweet peas was an off-piste menu choice for me (I always normally make great decisions) but my spontaneity was rewarded with the most delicious thing I have eaten in FOREVER. Thank god I took the photos before I had taken a mouthful or else there would have just been some shots of empty plates. Just do it.




Shake Shake, 66 E Ohio Street, Chicago

I absolutely love Shake Shack – for me it hands down beats Five Guys and all those other new-generation burger places.  So last week when I was able to make a quick pit-shop to downtown Chicago I was overjoyed with the prospect of getting my paws on a burger.

But then like the fool I am, got distracted by the sale in the Nordstrom shoe hall. I know. Fool. Time ran away with me, by the time I realised I had less than 3o minutes to get to my train (this was enough to give me a cardiac arrest anyway) and I was only 2 places from the front of the Shake Shack queue – I could smell the cheese.

Anyway long story short, I had to duck out and ended up crying on the train (true story) gonna blame that on listening to Beyonce. But we all know it was the burger. Plus I didn’t even buy anything in Nordstrom. This is a modern day parable kids. Don’t think you can have the discounted Prada and the burger. Because you can’t. Life sucks.




Goddess & The Baker, 33 S Wabash Avenue, Chicago

When I have posted about eating in Chicago before (several times), I mentioned that finding some half-decent food in The Loop is like finding water in the desert, which is disappointing as this is where tourists spend a lot of time. But thankfully someone else with an entrepreneurial brain and good taste in cakes had also made this observation.

Now Goddess & The Baker fulfils any downtown sugar cravings in an Instagramable environment. I went for the rainbow cake (obvs) and Persian Peppermint tea. It was delicious and I thoroughly suggest you do the same.

  • Ellie Adams

    OK, all of a sudden… I am starving. Girly, you have the dreamiest photography, and this now makes me want to be in Chicago. That rainbow cake… 😉


    • Thank you so much Elle that is so sweet!!! I’m so glad you like my pictures :))) xxx

  • I am so hungry now! That chicken looks delicious…who am I all looks deleicious! This lone made me laugh…”Don’t think you can have the discounted Prada and the burger. Because you can’t. Life sucks.” Words to live by :) xx

    Brenda BusyBee

    • Thanks so much Brenda! Haha well it’s true and a life lesson everyone should learn from my mistake! I’m still pretty bitter about it 😉 xxxx

  • i had no idea shake shack was open in chicago, best place ever!!

    • Yes!! You have to go next time you are in Chicago :) xxxx

  • The chicken looks so delicious… I was in Chicago a while ago and it seems like the food scene is pretty interesting there.


    • Yes the food scene is good but sometimes difficult to find – very easy to get stuck in the downtown tourist trap places xxx

  • Hannah Cornish

    Ahhhhh, all this food looks divine! Comfort food fo’ sure. Really want that cake!

    Hannah x | hannatalks

    • You are so right – nothing better than comfort food! Also you were right before – I think the rainbow cake is a very Instagram able item :) xxx

  • This post just made me really hungry. I love Shake Shack too, so delicious!

    • Shake shack is 100% the best – I wish I could eat them every day xxxxx

  • You take amazing photos of food. I’m honestly so hungry right now! Looks so delicious!!

    • Thank you so much Mariah! That’s so kind :)) thanks for reading and commenting xxxx

  • I really want to try Shake Shack! I’m loving that rainbow cake. It would be perfect if you had a pride party!


    • Yes you are so right! That would be perfect for a pride party!! Xxx

  • Wow this food looks delicious, it’s making me super hungry right now 😀 x

    • I know me too!! When I was editing these photos my stomach was going crazy :) xxx thanks for leaving a comment!

  • Haha I totally associate chicken with dieting too! I used to love chicken until I did a ketosis diet after which I could barely stand it! This looks totally yummy though x

    Angi |

    • Yes I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed it – guess it goes to show that if anything is fried it tastes good :) xxxx thanks for commenting Angi!