Milwaukee Eats



Beans & Barley, 1901 E North Avenue, Milwaukee

This is somewhere I would describe as a ‘Brighton’ place – if you are from the UK and think in a similar way to me this may give you some indication of what it is like. For everyone else who doesn’t live in my brain this is a vegan/vegetarian hang-out. Lots of fresh produce, organic and gluten free options.

I ALWAYS have the vegetarian chilli because it is filling, cheap and makes you feel good about yourself. Obviously instantly reward your good behaviour with a hot chocolate and Dutch Apple Bread pudding.



Zak’s Cafe, 231 S 2nd Street, Milwaukee

I am a fish lover, but it makes Significant Other wretch. So I try not to eat it all the time when we are out, so as not to ruin his entire meal experience (such a generous girlfriend I know). But Zak’s is one of the few places where I just screw his emotions and delve in to the crab cakes Egg Benedict. Lots of hollandaise and potatoes (something they do really well in America, and I consider compensation in lieu of delicious sausages) but still not a patch on this one in Chicago.


IMG_4126Colectivo Coffee, 2211 N Prospect Avenue, Milwaukee

Colectivo is Milwaukee’s proudest moment – they are only to be found in this city and are dotted all across it (the address above is my favourite). And it seems to have kept Starbucks at bay for the most part.

Lots of delicious things to eat – but my personal selection is ALWAYS the pumpkin chocolate chip bread – healthy and chocolate right? Don’t tell me it isn’t or I will not look on your kindly.

  • Lucy

    I LOVE your food photos – always makes me so hungry tho xx

    • Thanks so much Lucy – always nice to hear that people like my photographs :) and thanks for leaving a comment! xxx