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Green City Farmer’s Market, Lincoln Park, Chicago (Wednesdays & Saturdays, May – Oct)

Yes. You heard me correctly that green thing right there is a Kale crepe. Just when you thought things couldn’t get more Brooklyn than they already are, someone infused a pancake with kale. The mind boggles. But I counteracted that with a smothering of cheddar cheese and thick cut ham. The perfect brunch (and by that I mean pit-stop on the way to real lunch) for a weekend.


Stan’s Donuts, 1560 N. Damon Avenue, Wicker Park, Chicago 

This place is the bomb. You must eat a donut. Also there are no excuses because they have gluten free and vegan options too – everyone come join the donut train! I had the Old Fashioned Chocolate. And in case you were wondering, yes it was delicious. Also America, when did we stop saying doughnut hmm?





Blue Line, 1548 N. Damon Ave, Wicker Park, Chicago

Apologies for the shortness of today’s post, this was a flying visit to Chicago and we stayed with friends which meant lots of meals at home on the sofa, and less meals in the real world dressed in actual people clothes. But we did make it to brunch at Blue Line on Sunday for $3 Mango Mimosas – that’s right – only three dollars. And a skillet full of sausage, hash browns, poached eggs, sweet onions and melted provolone cheese. I could have done with a wheelbarrow to be taken home in.

  • beautiful photos! The food looks so delicious :)

    • Thank you Ana Celine! Sophie xxx

  • Beautiful photos

    Made in Mauve // Bloglovin

    • Thank you!! Thanks for leaving a comment :) Xxx

  • Valerie

    Oh yum! I am loving your food photos <3 xx

    • Thank you Valerie! And thanks for leaving a comment :) I hope you enjoyed reading my blog xx

  • mm those eggs! gorgeous photos

    from helen at

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  • Belén Muñoz

    Wow!! This good look so good! I an hungry now hahah!amazing photos!!

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  • Ohh everything has made me hungry..think those eggs alone are worth a Chicago trip for me!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment Annabel :) yes Chicago is such a wonderful city! xx

  • City Coastal Lifestyle

    that Kale crepe is on my list, my 5 year old would love a green pancake! Great photos.

    • Hahah anything that is a child-pleaser has to go on the list! You can pretend you’re being healthy whilst eating pancakes :) xxx

  • Oh my that kale crepe sounds amazing! Totally can pretend it’s super healthy right? I love your photos, you capture the different colours so beautifully! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • You definitely can pretend it is healthy – that is exactly what I told myself!! Thank you, that is so kind :) xxx

  • Angela Entwistle

    Donuts! Mmmm yummy! An old school friend & I would always buy a jam filled one when we went clothes shopping and we would always challenge ourselves to eat the donut without licking our lips during the eating. Try it, you’ll never manage it! Well, at least we never managed it!
    Angela x

    • I used to love doing that at school too Angela! I was useless though :) Sophie xx