The Calm Before The Storm



I know it gets so boring listening to how busy everyone is ie. I have a hundred million emails pouring into my inbox / letterbox / cardboard box. But I just need to offer up my two cents here.

For me the next few months are about to get hectic. This is all self imposed and going to be a lot of fun (it is mostly  travel related, I know, I know tiniest violin in the world is playing for me) but it also involves moving back to London from the US and lots of packing and unpacking of boxes.

So for now I’m using my last hours of tranquility to enjoy the sunshine that has finally arrived in Milwaukee. They always say you find things once you stop looking for them right?

Denim Jacket – MiH Jeans / Top – COS / Boots – Topshop

  • Your shoes are FABulous! Wish I had the guts to pull off a pair of those babies.

    Good luck with the move to the big smoke!

    And thanks for sharing your link with me on Twitter, it’s always nice to find a blog as lovely as this.

    Betty x

    The Betty Stamp

    • Hi Betty, Thanks so much for coming to read my blog – it really is always much appreciated. And I’m so glad you like my shoes :) thank you! That’s very kind – I think the packing might be the end of me! Love Sophie xx

  • i loved the layered look! and those BOOTS – so good

    from helen at

    • Hey Helen, thanks so much for reading for for leaving your lovely comment. I’m glad you liked it :) my boyfriend isn’t so keen on the boots so glad to know I’m not alone 😉 Love Sophie xx

  • Jess

    Hey, Id just like to let you know I’ve nominated you for the liebster blog award! Check it out.. x

    • Hey Jess – what a lovely thing to do! Thank you so much :) Xxx

      • Jess

        Its fine, I love your blog already!:) xx

      • Thanks so much – that is really kind :) I hope you continue to enjoy it and leave lovely feedback! Love Sophie xx

      • Thank you so much that it so kind :) xxx