For April


1. Fresh flowers – Being able to buy plants that won’t die within 24 hours due to lack of exposure to sunlight, vitamins and nutrients in the barren wasteland that is the Mid-West. Hallelujah. Also, on a related note, have been experiencing frequent urges to visit garden centres and admiring different bird species when walking in the street – is this the beginnings of middle age or just something dodgy in the water?


2. Peasant Blouses – They are making a big comeback this season, and whilst I may have already worked it like a ninja in March when it was still bitterly freezing, I’m wearing it now sans-wooly layers but with the addition of delicate layered gold necklaces (although be wary of the summertime enemy that is the excessive cleavage reveal).

Top – Mango


3. Sugary Foods – Although this is technically not a favourite item, it is more just something that has been on my mind a lot in April. Since watching Netflix documentary Fed-Up about the amount of sugar that is hidden in processed foods (not just the usual biscuits and sweets) this month has been all about fresh fruit, cooking from scratch (most of the time) and avoiding that 3.00pm Twix and subsequent sugar-realted slump.

Fed-Up Film (Available on Netflix)


4. Flats – Shout out has to go to Hannah Crosskey on this one – not only is she a mega babe but she has great taste in shoes – and that is how these ended up on my trotters this month. At the moment I am still wearing them with glittery socks (as seen here) but when my feet have had a little more exposure to sun they will be unleashed on the world.

Shoes (Now on Sale!) – Mango



5. Holiday Planning – I’ve just realised my April favourites have been decidedly more about my state of mind this month rather than shop-able items for you folks. Apologies. So after a lovely #bbloggers Twitter chat last week (who I recommend you all join next time) where we discussed summer plans, I went off down a rabbit-hole of travelling photos and started pestering everyone I know to book a trip. So far 2 down, Crete and Copenhagen, and several more to go.

Pictures taken at Lake Bled, Slovenia and Cinque Terre, Italy.


  • Sarah

    I’m glad i’m not the only one who loves buying flowers in Spring! Really really love stocks at the moment, so pretty & smell amaze! x

    • YES all the flowers. Plus they make for a great picture. Until I accidentally let them die…

  • Woo Im booking my summer trips at the moment too – Portugal and Scotland! I watched fed up over the weekend and thought it was so good! I did a refined sugar detox (so no chocolate, biscuits etc) earlier in the year but that really helped me think about normal foods and how much sugar are in those! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • beautiful photos! I really love those shoes, they look so chic!

    • Thank you so much Ana! I’m glad you liked the photos and the shoes :) they are my favourite at the moment and they go with everything. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and thank you for stopping to comment – always appreciated! Love Sophie xx

  • Joey Taylor

    this is great post for keeping spirits high. the holiday snaps make me wish away the next two months for my holiday! really nice post x

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the post Joey and thank you for stopping to leave a comment – it always makes my day :) Love Sophie x