The Premature Wardrobe Cleanse


Every time I go home one of the first things I do is clean out my wardrobe. This has become as much a ritual as it is a necessity.

To put it simply, in the great sibling room divide of 2006, I ended up with the equivalent of Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs. Plus to take some responsibility, I buy a lot of stuff – too much. No, I take that back…But regardless, the wardrobe is only so big and without a Narnia back-exit and a whole other land to store my fur jackets, I run out of room. Fast.

So I get home, usually after six months of accumulating new clothes elsewhere in the world, and end up with a suitcase (or more) too much for my wardrobe space. So I settle into my cleaning-psyche and go full throttle. Then somewhere in the midst I convince myself I’m some Parisian minimalist and will dress only in black and silk shirts for the next 10 years and decide to throw everything else away.

I think it’s fair to say that sometimes I jump the gun and get ahead of myself. At the time I feel refreshed and satisfied by the experience, not least because it’s no longer like playing Tetris trying to get hangers and items in and out of the wardrobe. However that feeling doesn’t last long.

As along comes next season and the instant regret of the premature wardrobe cleanse hits me.

In the last couple of months, I can count on one hand the number of items I see coming down the catwalk that I think – I OWNED THE HIGH-STREET VERSION OF THAT 3 YEARS AGO but I threw it away because I was temporarily bored of it. In fact, my 3 favourite shoes of this season, the Yves Saint Laurent black-witchy-boot, the clogs and Gucci horse-bit loafers, I have already owned the Topshop version.

In my defence they had all been SO well worn that all 3 required new soles/heels and that probably would have cost more than the original pair to replace. However I couldn’t help but feel a little like I’d sold myself short as I considered purchasing an identical pair of clogs again this season.

So is this what happens in a world of fast fashion?

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  • oh no don’t say this! I had a similar clear out recently, please don’t tell I am now going to start regretting these decisions? xx

    • As long as you didn’t convince yourself you are a minimalist and can live with only 5 items of clothing (which is what I always do….oops) – isn’t it so therapeutic though?!! x

      • but I did do that! I strive to be a minimalist who can live on three colours, never lasts. The bag that I am supposed to be taking to charity is currently resting in my car boot….should I? No no no. my rule is if i haven’t worn it in a year, it goes.

      • Oh dearrrr, yep we are so in the same boat…. I want to say be strong and leave the bag where it is. But in the back of my mind I’m just thinking about my lovely clogs in the charity shop. I guess it’s someone elses win!

      • funny story concerning my clogs. i sold them on ebay but then realised that one of them had ended up in a bag for charity. so a charity shop somwhere in UK has one clog. i had to throw out the other


        I still want to buy more…