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The Allis Soho House, 113 – 125 N Green Street, Chicago

No matter which city you are in, Soho House is always a safe bet for delicious food and beautiful interiors. After being away from my family for Mother’s Day we thought that an afternoon tea at The Allis would be the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon and catch up on lost time. Complete with Prosecco, finger sandwiches and SO many cakes ( we are talking about 9 each – I honestly wonder if ANYONE in this history of time has ever finished that cake platter). My favourite was definitely the rosewater profiterole….






Big Star, 1531 N Damen Avenue, Wicker Park, Chicago

Wicker Park was the neighbourhood I had been searching for. In a city as big as Chicago, I was disappointed on my first visit not to be able to find a neighbourhood like the East Village in New York or East London – somewhere that is usually full of people much cooler than myself – but damn do they always have good food. After Google and traditional guides provided no help, we were lucky to stumble upon a local who pointed us in the direction of Big Star. And we weren’t disappointed. The guacamole is deliciously garlicy¬†and you HAVE to order the Pescador taco. They do only take cash though (those hipsters).






Shake Shake, 66 E Ohio Street, Chicago

I know I know, you have a Shake Shack in London now and are way over it. But listen, you forget I live in Milwaukee and this is still really exciting for my brain, so bare with me. For me, eating Shake Shack burgers in bed and watching Jaws has got to be one of the best ways to spend an evening on holiday. And if you haven’t tried it well then I thoroughly recommend it. And if you think I’m lame, then well, you’re probably right.




Sprinkles Cupcake ATM, 50 E Walton Street, Chicago

Just do it. You know that really you all want to do it РI mean a cupcake comes out of a hole in the wall. 

  • These first two look incredible, and surprisingly I’ve never eaten at Shake Shack! I’d love to visit Chicago, so I’ll have to remember these. Thanks for sharing!
    Shae @

    • Yes they are all wonderful – I would thoroughly recommend! :) Thank you so much for reading. Hope you enjoyed. Love Sophie x

  • Laura

    This post has made me so hungry – all the food looks so good! xx

    • Thanks for reading Laura and I hope you enjoyed it :) xxx Love Sophie