Question for your day – does having a live in partner change the clothes you wear?

Now I know I’m not meant to even ask this (cause I’m an independent woman and all and Beyonce raised me better) and I should wear clothes for myself and not to please a man – which who am I kidding, I clearly do because I own 5 turtlenecks.

BUT I do often find myself thinking – would I be more outlandish in my wardrobe choices in the morning if I knew I would encounter no-one on my way to work who felt comfortable enough to question why I was wearing sequin harem pants on a Wednesday in March? Now I think so.

See I have all the cojones to buy said harem pants and to wear them in my mind, but then I’m always dubious about what that bed-partner might say and so rarely commit to wearing them IRL.

Perhaps I am in the minority caring more about what my nearest and dearest think rather than a stranger in the street – in fact I’ve actually cared more about this as our relationship has gone on – as opposed to at the start where I wore suede fringing on our second date (bold i know).

But I can’t help but feel if I only had to answer to myself in the morning, and I damn love those trousers, then we’re golden.

It’s when I have to get my sequin drop crotch past the second pair of eyes at the breakfast table that my doubt starts to linger.

So who do you feel most confident around?

Turtleneck – J Crew / Shirt – Zara (similar here) / Jumper – Whistles (similar here) / Trousers – Topshop / Shoes – Topshop

  • Kylie

    interesting, i can’t say i’m too bothered about what the husband thinks but I like to know he likes what I’m wearing.

    loving this look btw, the trousers are cute!

    • Interesting perspective Kylie :) who do you feel most confident around do you think?
      Thank you :) Love Sophie x