Why Do We Make Fashion Writing Boring?

boring fashion writing

I don’t know about you, but if I see another person semi-ironically use the phrase; “florals for Spring, how groundbreaking”, I might have to re-treat from the internet for good.

Lately I have been having a real hate-fest on fashion writing. With the abundance of blogs out there you can easily feel a little overwhelmed by it all sometimes. I’m sure you can relate to that.

And during this introspective period I have developed a theory. And it goes like this – the majority of people view fashion blogging as vacuous and something undertaken by narcissistic airheads because of the way we write about it – badly (really god damn terribly).

Now of course I know this theory isn’t water-tight. Fashion by it’s nature is pretty self-consuming and it’s hardly as commendable a pursuit as charity work in subsaharan Africa, but lots of other hobbies aren’t either.

The reason fashion is such an easy target is because we make it that way. We aren’t doing ourselves any favours. We write in such a boring way people and quite frankly we need to step it up.

How many fashion blogs do you see where said person displays photographs of themselves and then proceeds to use a list of adjectives to describe what they are wearing? Guys I can see the pictures too, I don’t need you to tell me the colour, fabric and brand three times over. A credit would suffice.

I realise I am really opening myself to scrutiny here – but that’s fine because we should be producing better quality content than this. Just take a look at writers like Shini Park, Pandora Sykes, Leandra Medine or Amelia Diamond (also at Man Repeller) and tell me they aren’t a much better read than 90% of the bloggers out there? And you may say, well that’s because they are well known and established etc.

But to me it’s because they make clothes fun.

They don’t just fall into the trap of writing the mundane and the predictable. They are smart, they are witty and they aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves. So in the vain of Man Repeller’s ‘Fashion doesn’t have to be serious to be good‘ I believe that fashion doesn’t have to be boring to be taken seriously.

So next time you’re writing that post, let loose, have a shot of Tequila if it helps, give me an anecdote from your week, write about how you were meant to meet this guy but you messed up and got the wrong train home and now he think’s you’re a player. Or how you were bathing your dog and ruined your favourite jumper. Because now that my friends would be worth a read.

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  • Melissa

    I agree! So many people don’t even seem to enjoy what they are writing about – if you don’t enjoy blogging then don’t do it I say! Melissa x

    Check out my new post on beauty products!

    • Definitely Melissa – if you enjoy it then other people will too and vice versa :)x

  • Beautyfine Print

    I do agree with almost everything you said, but I think many bloggers are starting to take the ”funny and full of anecdotes” approach and now their posts look like they all came out of the same mold. In my opinion the key is to be honest and write what you think. If you are someone who tells anecdotes and is funny in real life it will feel natural to read your funny posts. You can always tell if the post is honest or fake and that makes a real difference.

    P.S. I love your blog, it’s so inspiring.

    • So lovely to read your comment – thank you for reading my blog :) Yes I completely agree. I think the key is to be yourself and be honest rather than just writing what you think other people want to read – very good point :) I’m so glad you enjoy it. I hope you keep reading! xx Love Sophie

  • Carolin

    Thats a very interesting view on fashion blogs. I, too, have sometimes no idea what to write in ootds to be honest. I love sharing looks and styles but I hardly know what to write alongside the photography, so I guess I usually just stick to boring descriptions. Thanks for recommending some other bloggers, will have a read and learn from them, so I can make my fashion posts more engaging. Hope you’re well and we’ll speak soon x

    Caz | Lunch Break Adventures

    • Hi Carolin, thanks for reading. I think I just wanted to get across the point that I feel bad when people sell themselves short. Everyone spends so much time taking lovely photographs that we shouldn’t sell ourselves short with bad writing :) have a good day! love s x