Wardrobe Updates for Spring


1. Bandana – They make you feel like a cowboy, they confuse the hell out of your colleagues and you almost certainly have one already stuffed at the back of your wardrobe from the late 90’s era when you were a stand-in for a member of B*witched and you were wearing that thing full-head (not that I did that I’m just guessing…) Obviously don’t be rocking that style now, you aren’t Nelly. Available here. 


2. A – line Skirt – I haven’t specified button-down denim here because I think these suede numbers will work just as well. Basically anything in an A-line shape works with this 70’s resurgence we are having at the moment – and it’s a darn bit easier than rocking FUPA jeans on the tube let me tell you. And if your weatherman is as hormonally fluctuant as mine at the moment, you can wear these skirts both with tights and without (if that time ever does arrive). Denim version available here.


3. Aviator Sunglasses – Aviators are another dangerously easy way to say: ‘Yes I know the 70’s are back but I’ve been rocking these sunglasses since Tom Cruise did Top Gun.” Plus they cover more of your face than wayfarers and co. and I don’t know about you, but I think somedays you just need all the coverage up there you can get. Available here.


4. White Jeans – Now these are definitely something I am still coming to terms with myself. There is such a fine line between this being okay, and this being really not okay. First rule is – don’t scrimp and buy super cheap because they will in fact be see-through and your underwear will become so public it’s not even funny – true story. Secondly, don’t try to wear them on a night out with sequins or a crop top or something weird, these are purely for Breton tees and chunky knit jumpers. You need to down-sass them at all costs. Available here.


5. Leopard Boots – And finally, something I am definitely not undecided on – the boots that dreams are made of. Not only are they patent, leopard print and sassy but they make your ankles look like matchsticks . I don’t care if it’s Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, these just need to be in your wardrobe. End of story. Available here.

  • Lucy

    I am definitely investing in some white jeans after seeing your post with the grey jumper :)

    • So glad to hear that Lucy have a lovely weekend xx