The saga of the sartorial film influence continues into April. Today instead of Starsky and Hutch I seem to have subconsciously decided I want to audition for the Broadway musical version of this scene from Mary Poppins and (rather generously) I come complete with my own costume. Luckily for me I love rooftops, magic and Victorian London. Luckily for them I got a B in GCSE Drama. So that’s pretty cool. Although I am really hoping that vicious smog situation will have calmed down a little or else I’m going to add bronchitis to the list of ailments I’m suffering this month.

Dungarees – Topshop / Shirt – GAP / Shoes (similar here) – ASOS / Socks – &Other Stories

  • Eileen Chardy

    I have been looking for a pair of glittery socks for SO LONG – where are these from?
    Thanks xoxo

    • Eileen they are from &OtherStories – they are great and I wear them with everything :) X

  • That’s one of my favourite Mary Poppins songs, and yes, you definitely look the part, in the best way!

    (Who am I kidding? ALL the songs from Mary Poppins are awesome)