For March


1. Aesop Skincare – After 23 years, March 2015 seems to have been the time I’ve spontaneously developed eczema on both of my hands. This of course is unfortunate, mainly because it’s achey and sore, but not really the end of the world when you have a beautiful product such as this Aesop Rose hand-cream. Hopefully in a couple more weeks I’ll be back to normal non-scaly hands. I’m already starting to see a difference. Available here.



2. NutriBullet: You know what they say: “Summer bodies are made in Spring”. But I’d be lying if I said that was the reason March has become the month of the NutriBullet. In all honesty I just love watching the rainbow swirl of fruits change colour in the blender and gambling with myself about which it will finally settle on. Note. this becomes less fun when you use Spinach all the time as it ALWAYS turns green. But still it’s a great feeling to be getting more than your 5 a day in one glass. Top tip – add dried cherries and whole almonds for little surprise chewy/crunchy nibbles. Available here.


3. Silver Jewellery – In the winter I’m loyally a rose-gold girl (just look at my February picks) but I love wearing silver jewellery going into summer – it looks so much nicer on tanned skin than grey washed-out-white. All of my favourite silver pieces are vintage or travel finds – my favourite rings at the moment were a present from my wonderful sister when she visited Peru. But my favourite brand in London has to be Jessie Western on Portobello Road.


4. Saturday Mornings: Since work has become more intense of late, I am appreciating my weekends so much more. There is nothing more satisfying than not setting an alarm to wake up in the morning (#thingsboringadultssay) and just lying in bed with porridge, peppermint tea and perusing the internet. This is also the most dangerous window of my week for making impulse purchases. There’s just something so damn comforting about being in bed and filling up that virtual shopping cart.


5. Camera Lens: And last but not least, March finally marks an upgrade in my camera equipment (apologies, this may be a little more boring for some of you!) But hopefully anyone who reads Fashion Nomads will notice an increase in the quality – so win for everyone right?! And for those of you who are interested, I will now be using a Canon 50mm 1.4 for all of my blog pictures, which in short means, better focus, better quality and some lovely buttery bokeh! Available here.