Starsky and Hutch



Sometimes I wish I was more into films – you know all those people who are like: “My hobbies are the cinema, retro films, horses and long walks on the beach…” Well in my mind that’s pretty much everyone apart from me. I feel like films were always that thing I never got into (and let’s not even get into how I feel about beaches….) And well I just don’t really like films all that much.

To be honest I get too impatient and I think you can have enough action in 90 minutes of Midsomer Murders, we don’t need to drag it out for 3 hours (I’m looking at you Inherent Vice).

However, that said, of late I have been re-watching some classics (my definition of a classic is like Pretty Woman and Pocahontas so bear with me) and taking inspiration from Annie Hall and Starsky and Hutch – so much to offer in terms of suede and flares. Maybe I can be a film buff afterall….?

Suede Jacket – Vintage / Bag – Chloe at Liberty of London / Blouse – TIBI / Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters

  • Visa

    beautiful bag and love the 70s vibes the jacket is giving off. and i am the same, cannot sit through/watch movies all the way through

    • Thank you Visa! I’m so glad suede is back! I know, I get so distracted too :) have a lovely day x