Staying True To Personal Style







I think I know myself. I know I like chocolate truffles, eating Eggs Benedict, preferring Airedale to Yorkshire terriers and not setting an alarm on Saturday mornings.

In particular I know myself to not only like, but love, stripes, greys and denims to hang in my wardrobe. I know this because on Monday morning at 6.45 what are you reaching for…?

But then you have those moments of weakness. You see Leandra Medine or Pandora Sykes wearing a gold sequined polo neck with all the nonchalance and effortless androgyny that you strive for and it’s like hold up why don’t I get me one of those bad boys?

Then you realise that you’re too impulsive and you shouldn’t have drunk ordered those dungarees from H&M.

But We Are Uncivilised – a brand by two great ladies Frances and Lisa – brings it all back into perspective for me. Simple, chic and so damn cool.

The brand focuses on timeless pieces that every woman wants to wear again and again, in luxe fabrics and at a completely affordable price – the holy grail.

And their first collection for A/W 15, which will be available on their website from July, embodies exactly that.

Centered around jerseys, denims and cottons in grey tones and indigo washes – it’s something that makes me proud to admit my personal style is a little more understated than I sometimes care to admit.

  • Sarah

    Never heard of this brand before, must check it out I’m a sucker for stripes and grey!!

    • Heya! Yes they are only launching in July so brand new :) check out their Instagram to see more nearer the launch :) xx

  • weareuncivilised

    Thanks Sophie, really glad you like the brand! Love the post xxx

    • So glad you like it – no worries at all – such a pleasure xx

  • Katie

    I really love the look of this brand – when do they launch their website then? Katie xox

    • Hey Katie – thanks for reading the blog! They launch in July, which is exciting :) Sophie xxx