Ciao Winter



Welcoming the first day of Spring I am torn. On the one hand I am so done with Winter, I want to be able to leave the house without a coat and wait for the bus without losing the sensation in my fingers.

I also want to wake up in daylight, not in the pitch black feeling like some mole underground – except even the animals are smarter than us because they hibernate all winter damn it.

Plus I really want to start being able to wear white jeans all the time because they confuse people whilst making my legs look fab, so that’s something.

However I will truly be sad at the passing of the season for the turtleneck. We all know how fickle and fleeting fashion is, and I’m deeply concerned that by the time the mercury next drops, turtlenecks will have been reinstated to their position as hideous item of the century and I shall have to wear mine in the privacy of my bedroom whilst watching Netflix and eating porridge.

So for now here’s the compromise – both at once (whilst remaining firmly inside where there is heating).

Jumper – Mango (similar here) / Jeans – Mango / Earrings – Topshop / Watch – Larson Jennings

  • Carly
    • Thank you Carly! Have a lovely day x

  • Tendai Ngorima

    I definitely envy you, just as you’re in spring we are preparing to enter winter. Simple outfit, love it.

    • Oh no poor you Tendai! Where do you live? Glad you liked it :) x

      • Tendai Ngorima

        I live in South Africa :)

      • Amazing!! Well now I don’t feel too bad for you cause you live in such a cool place :) x

      • Tendai Ngorima

        Haha thank you x

      • Where abouts in S.A do you live? x

      • Tendai Ngorima

        I live in Johannesburg

  • Lucy

    I love these photos! The light is really nice!!

    • Thanks Lucy. They were taken on a Canon 50mm 1.4 :) Have a lovely day xxx