Are Interiors Legitimate Accessories?



So here I am in Anthropologie just casually slinging this scarf on and the assistant said; “You do know that’s a blanket right…?”

I’m not sure if this outburst was a product of A) her feeling that I was dressing myself like a sofa B) an underhand sales tactic that I am yet to make sense of (although clearly it worked) C) the true and genuine nature of Americans (as opposed to cynical Brits) that compelled her to not let me leave the shop dressed head to toe in interiors.

But I ask you, dear readers, in a time of austerity does doubling up your homewares as clothing not make so much damn sense? Duvets as coats, lampshades as hats and perhaps a cheese grater for earrings. I’ll let you try that one out first though…

Fisherman Knit – Liberty of London / Bag – Chloe at Liberty  / Scarf/blanket (definitely the later) – Anthropologie / Jeans (similar here) – Topshop Boutique / Boots – Topshop

  • Love this!! Blankets can and should be used as scarves :)

    • Sophie Gallagher

      Thank you Frances! I agree completely – what’s the point of a scarf anyway – to keep you warm? We are just skipping a step ahead x