For February

I know, I know, this post is a little bit late, apparently this is what happens when no one buys you a calendar for Christmas – your life starts to fall apart by March. Alas, it was a short month so you can’t blame me for overshooting the mark slightly.


1. Suede Topshop Bag: If you’ve frequented the internet in the last month then you’re probably acutely aware that suede is where it’s at this season. In lieu of my dream pair of trousers which sold out before I could make a quite devastating financial decision, I went for this instead. It makes me feel like a Cowboy, or extra in Dallas, whilst I’m out and about, which has got to be a selling point, right?

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2. Anthropologie Candle: This candle has become symbolic of that time on a Saturday morning when my man-friend leaves the house to watch football and I am able to reclaim our bedroom all to myself. This is your time to do all things indulgent, wear pyjamas till midday, watch Bridget Jones’ Diary, have a chocolate fondue and – I don’t know about you – but the biggest indulgence of all is not having to get up and have a shower. So light this instead and you can pretend you did. Simple.

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3. Emily McDowell Cards, Stationary: If you reach right to the back of your mind, you might remember this month past it was Valentines Day, the celebration of all things you love – your dog, that caramel shortbread at Starbucks, maybe a bed-partner – but my greatest love is Emily McDowell. With tote bags expressing sentiments such as; ” I remembered my shopping bag!” and prints proclaiming; “I’m a grown ass lady and I do what I want!” – I think Emily and I should be friends. And now with worldwide shipping – happy days people!

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4. Melissa Joy Manning Gold Hoops: Gold hoops are supposed to be making a comeback this season, but for me they never really went away. But gone are the days of green ears, so regularly modeled by 15-year-old me, then the ‘gold effect’ would rub off after 2 wears and leave you with 2 rusty-metal-poisoning-health-hazards hanging there. These Melissa Joy Manning earrings are proper, grown-up hoops for the older and definitely more sensible you…

Available at Liberty of London.


5. Book of Brilliant Ideas: I am most definitely a list person, and if it doesn’t get written down then it most certainly won’t get done. And nothing beats a hand-written list, sorry iPhone notes, you’re just not quite right. But then the inevitable pile of paper scraps builds up and becomes a fire risk, so one brilliant (and observant) friend bought me this book, covered in gold leaf and leather cover it makes even the most mundane of shopping lists feel special.

Available at Eccolo Ltd.