Is Instagram the Best Advert Ever?

It has taken me nearly 2 weeks, some big girl decisions and several reality checks to talk myself down from almost buying knee-length suede boots. You may ask, and rightly so, why the hell do I care about your non-existent and poorly-thought-out purchase angst? Because dear reader, I may be saving you from your own Instagram impulses. You’ll thank me later.

The incident, which shall henceforth be known as “Stuart-Weitzman-gate” can be summed up in 3 irrefutable truths; knee-length boots remind me of being 13 and wearing head-to-toe Jack Wills, the suede which starts out as soft as the underbelly of a kitten is 0% compatible with the quantities of sodium all over the streets – it’s like living in a damn salt shaker, thirdly my live-in-male would definitely think knee-high boots were too Robin Hood (and not in a good way).

So why then was I considering spending half a pay-cheque on them? These were definitely not a let’s buy them and see how this rolls, these were a grandchild-will-inherit number.

So what happened in the interim period between that rational, adult thought process and me browsing Stuart Weitzman wondering whether tan or grey would better hide the salt stains?

When I started trawling back through my memory I actually remembered the first time I had seen the boots – surprise, surprise, Instagram. Now I am a fully fledged adult, one with an individual consciousness/ brain etc. etc. so this is not me trying to pass the blame, I should just be less lame really, but I think this effects all of us more than we may realize.

Here’s goes the theory. Every time we refresh our Instagram page (or Twitter for that matter) we are effectively subjecting ourselves to a constant stream of tailored, personalised and curated ads. Every time we admire that new pair of shoes that blogger has so beautifully displayed atop a stack of Vogue magazines, or that Diptique candle balanced perilously on the edge of a bath (what- why do people do that – not relaxing really nerve/fire inducing), we buy into that online life that we aspire to have too.

Now I know this is part of a much wider debate about the chasm between online lives and reality, but the power of social media advertising really became apparent here. Firstly it saddens me that I am not above this, I’d like to think I was savvier than this, but the vivid image of my calves in suede boots, reminds me sadly not girlfriend. Secondly I know it doesn’t just end at my sartorial habits either – how many times have I re-considered my stance on avocados even though I know damn well I find them unbearable?


Perhaps we should be more guarded towards social media and the power that posts have to wield over our subconscious shopping preferences, but at the end of the day bloggers are meant to be the voice of the consumer, they feel relatable and ultimately many are friends or colleagues, so it’s sometimes hard to draw the line.

But I think every once in a while it’s important to remember yourself in your knee-length suede boots, just to bring yourself back to earth.

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