Denim Onion




NEWSFLASH! I have discovered the key to eternal warmth – unfortunately not double whiskey shots with breakfast or purchasing double the amount of clothing – but whatever you decide to wear, just wear it twice.

For example, here I was on a Saturday morning thinking; Do I wear my denim jacket -made by those lovely denim people at MiH jeans and whose Marrakesh flares I would sell my first born child for AND then put on sale by the lovely people at The Outnet, you guys are contender for my new BFF – or do I wear my more sensible wool coat? Sling them both on kids! Problem solved (until you overdo it and someone mistakes you for the Michelin man…I promise I am not projecting here).

 Denim Jacket – MiH Jeans at The Outnet / Coat (Now on Sale!) – Zara / Trainers – Roshe Runs by Nike / Bag – YSL at Farfetch