For January


1. Kinfolk and Porter magazines – One of my un-official New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 (I say un-official because I didn’t come up with them till the 3rd week in January…does that still count?) was to spend less time in front of a screen this year. In 2014 I paid my first visit to the optician in a long time and came away with a sense I was losing touch with my youthful 20/20 vision – this was largely determined by the fact I was handed a prescription for glasses… Here’s to more literary and audio-based entertainment in 2015.


2. The White Company Cashmere Bed Socks – As I scroll down this list it is becoming evident that this isn’t really my favourites for January, a more accurate title would be ‘My Perfect Night In’ but to be honest with the long dark evenings – January and Night In are becoming synonymous. These socks are like walking around on a cloud or marshmallows. FYI they are also an absolute smug-inducing in-flight item if you are travelling anywhere.


3. Truffles and Shortbread – In the spirit of full disclosure, I think American chocolate is disgusting – sorry Hershey’s, sorry everyone. So I made sure to pack a full suitcase of delicious treats before we moved. These are on my current snacking rota – chocolate truffles and cinammon, demarera shortbread.


 4. Aesop Hand-cream and Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate – This Mid-West freezing wind chill is something else, let me tell you. It’s making my skin go all-hella-funky. Basically super dry and in need of some loving. So these two items are making me all supple (plus smell like a lavender field). I thoroughly recommend the Midnight Concentrate to anyone suffering with a bout of the Winter blues.


5. Serial Podcast – I’m pretty sure I’m quite late to the party on this one – but hey when something is this good I don’t really care. Copy and paste my reasoning for Item No. 1 – my transition from visual to audio (sorry Netflix, don’t worry I’ll be back) and this perfectly fits the bill. I pendulum back and forth between being certain Adnan is guilty and being less sure (if you haven’t listened yet, don’t worry there are no plot spoilers there). And if any of you have any theories of your own – get back to me!

  • Jo

    I love those socks they look so cosy – can you wash them normally? And I think I need to get into Serial but I’m so bad with names I am worried I won’t keep up :) x JO-Ann

    • Zoe

      No Jo you’ll be fine you must try and listen it’s really interesting – I need someone to discuss theories with :)

  • I’ve heard so much about Serial and alwasy promise to start on a weekend but don’t! So don’t worry, you’re not late at all! lol

    • Hey Handa! How are you? Yes I actually just finished Serial this weekend – you must start it’s great :) x