No Hands



After these pictures were taken my fingers were so cold that they went numb and we had to take shelter in a coffee shop – except the cashier wasn’t very sympathetic when I dropped my change all over the table and fumbled around trying to pick it up with no sensation in my fingers.

Aside from the inability to coordinate my extremities, I noticed I was matching trousers with a mum-of-3 a couple of tables down. The thing about the Mid-West is that people are so far behind in the fashion cycle, that trends have gone full cycle (gives you an insight to how ludicrous ‘being fashionable’ is) and the citizens of Milwaukee are actually leading the pack. A prime example, just last week our taxi driver was rocking triple denim with a silk scarf and shearling flapper hat. Let’s get you on that Burberry runway man.

Jeans – MiH at Anthropologie / Belt – H&M Trend  / Cashair High-Neck – Joseph

  • haha that is hilarious!! he should be going to fashion week 😉 love your jeans <3
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