Chicago Eats






Vapiano, 44 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL 60603

Vapiano is an Italian restaurant in The Loop, downtown Chicago – I think perhaps it is a chain and they have branches elsewhere too – but our visit was right after the Art Institute situated only 2 blocks away and after all that culture we were about ready to collapse from hunger.

The first thing to know is that Vapiano works on a canteen-style system, rather than by waiter, so you go up and order your food from a counter. This actually worked really well and meant everything was done on our own time (as I said we were hungry and needed this ship to be moving fast!)

I ordered a pizza with goats cheese, roasted garlic and roasted tomato. It was deliciously full of flavour, on a thin crust and big enough to satisfy my huge desire to eat anything in sight!

As anyone who has visited any large city in America will know, eating in the downtown area can be costly – add in sales tax and tip, especially noticeable for us British diners – and things add up. Vapiano was pretty cheap on the whole and the canteen-style self service meant tips weren’t a problem either. It was a must-recommend for anyone looking for tasty and easy lunch in Chicago!

  • We love Vapiano too . Indeed, its cheap but you will get delicious Italian food. And the atmosphere/decor in most of the Vapiano restaurants is great too 😀

    • Thanks for reading! Yes I was really impressed for a chain restaurant