Sophie Hulme x Liberty







sophie hulme Pink Windowpane Check Charm Silk Scarf 2sophie hulme Cream Charm Border Scarf 2

For the first 10 years of school I was the only Sophie in the class – a situation I was all too happy to replicate forever  or just live in the ignorance that I was indeed (as Rhianna would put it – the only girl in the world) however along came senior school and all the other Sophie’s and all of a sudden your name is reduced to an abbreviation of your surname or a less-than-favourable physical attribute.

However fast forward another 10 years (I’m beginning to show my age) and I am more than happy to be a namesake with Sophie Hulme – a youthful, yet already iconic British designer who takes inspiration from the fun and quirky. Afterall this is the girl that said “I’d rather have a gold chip fork than a gold flower necklace…”

And this is exactly what we see in Hulme’s new scarf range, in collaboration with Liberty of London (another of my favourite British brands), inspired by the everyday objects we surround ourselves with – biro lids and old birthday candles – immersed in sentiment.

The perfect balance of British elegance matched with Hulme’s refreshing approach to fashion; “So many people take fashion so seriously, and at the end of the day it’s not is it?”. I could not have said it better myself Sophie.

The scarves are now all available online or in store at Liberty London.

Post in collaboration with Sophie Hulme x Liberty of London