Flight Mode


I really am a terrible traveller. Everything about travelling really disagrees with me. Early mornings, bad food, that weird smell when you step on to the plane, and worst of all trying to telepathically tell the man in front that he needs to put his chair up so your lunch isn’t in your armpits, but you are too damn polite/English to actually verbally announce your thoughts.

The only positive is that in a few (shortish) hours you will be somewhere new and exciting, and on this particular occasion that will be New York, one of my favourite places. Especially as everything from Times Square to Staten Island will be decked out in full Christmas regalia. I have watched Elf 3 times already this week and checked out Buzzfeed’s 31 Delicious Things you Need to Eat in New York This Winter to try and quell the excitement – it hasn’t worked.

Does anyone have any recommendations for must see/do/eat whilst we are there? Indoor activities and hot chocolate locations are what it is all about.