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If you’re not on the list, you’re not coming in. Now I have never been particularly bothered about that. That’s fine, I’ll just go home and drunkenly cook baked beans until I forget and fall asleep and wake up the next morning to the smell of barbecued toast and the dog breaking into the microwave. Every girl knows it’s bed over party any time, that was, until now. And there is no way I’m letting this After Party slip past like a bad night out.

There are two things you need to know about this particular After Party. Number One, Lottie Warren – the brains behind After Party – is a designer from Brighton, England, and a recent graduate of Falmouth University. Number Two, this girl is all about good pyjamas.

You know, the kind of silky numbers that are going to nurse us all through the hungover days of 2015 and beyond. Even the kind of hangover that comes from mixing wine with vodka, dancing on the table when your song came on and finally sending that Tinder message you’d been carefully crafting all day. All that forgotten in the silky rapture of these delicious PJ’s. And, I haven’t even told you the best bit yet, After Party pyjama tops will be available to purchase with monogrammed initials when they are released later this year. That’s my New Years Eve sorted.

Prices start from £200. For more information please visit After Party.

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  • the splatter look love it! looks so cozy!!

    If you dont mind, would you please come check out our blog. We are 5 recent fashion design grads and we love that we are all different shapes and sizes. so we created a blog that brings all of that together, our individual styles and personalities for each day of the week. Let us know what you think!!

    • Thanks for the link girls – I’ll definitely take a look! And good luck with your blogging! Sophie x