Moving On



So guys, I need some one-to-one time, I think we all know each other pretty well, so I’d really appreciate a little friendly advice. You see, I’ve got a slight relationship issue going on. I mean I thought we were going well. It was really exciting at first, so much novelty and¬†adventure. But then, it grew stale – perhaps the grass is always greener, but I couldn’t stop thinking about someone else. My mind keeps wandering into pastures new. I’m definitely feeling torn. Perhaps it is just the nostalgia, long-distance and Beyonce female-empowerment lyrics tainting my views, as it tends to in these situations, and when I was back I’d realise instantly that I’d made the wrong choice. But for now my mind is well and truely elsewhere. Sorry summer but I think winter just might be the one.

So regardless of the fact it’s still 30 degrees plus here every single day (I know, smallest violin in the world playing right now) I just keep thinking about winter. You know, log fires, tartan blankets and the smell of apples and cinnamon that I’ve convinced myself the whole of winter definitely smells like (more likely wet dogs and mud). So this is one of the last summer outfits I’ll be posting – perhaps in a month I’ll take back everything I have said and I’ll be on here frolicking around in a bikini (unlikely). But for now, summer is being given the boot and winter is back in my bed.


Shorts – Zara / Denim Shirt – GAP / Slippers – Penelope Chilvers

  • Megan

    They’ve sold out in my size on the Penelope Chilvers site :( x

    • That’s a shame Megan! Maybe next time :( you should have a look at their boots as well! Sophie x

  • Emily Adams

    I like your shoes