Bills @The Depot, Brighton


I really wanted Bill’s to not be one of those restaurants that makes you feel like they’re doing you a favour by feeding you.

Granted they are always packed wall-to-wall with people but surely the golden rule of service is to never make your customers feel they are in the way or getting under your feet.

Take note Bill’s.


Once seated the experience does definitely ramp up a gear and you can begin to appreciate the depot aesthetic with its exposed ventilation, chalkboard specials, shelves of pot plants and organic tinned produce in crates.

Think Brooklyn-penthouse meets Gossip-Girl-Zooey-Deschanel-chic kind of vibe.

As pretentious as this is, I’m not going to deny that announcing you are going for Sunday brunch at Bill’s makes you feel like you are living some kind of Instagram transatlantic dream.


Favourite picks from the menu include the homemade cod fish finger (surely sustainably sourced by Bill himself?) with tartare sauce, rocket on toasted white bread with a side of skinny fries.

Or for an (honestly) delicious vegetarian option the halloumi and hummus on sesame seed bun with roasted peppers and yoghurt and skinny fries is a must.

The menu also has a few of the basic salads – Caesar, Tuna – with added zest.


They offer a range of full main meals which may be better suited for dinner. I cannot vouch for these but given the great quality of the rest of the menu, I have high hopes.

Up front Bills may be all mouth but there is definitely something in the trousers to boast about.

Bills, 100, North Road, Brighton. I would strongly advise making a booking for the weekends -whatever time of day (01273 692894)