Don’t Hand Me That Chocolate Ice-Cream




Don’t hand me that chocolate ice-cream or else i’ll be obliged to throw it all down myself and then it will really mess with my one-per-week-maximum washing schedule – not cool.

I thought white cotton was meant to be the essence of keeping cool in summer time? Tried and tested. Turns out it really is as perspiration inducing as everything else – or perhaps that was a product of my panic after spilling blueberry yoghurt on the bed (again). I only half promised I would stop eating in there…Anyway, as a result of the heat up top, it seems I decided to for-go shorts? Only kidding mum!

This outfit also allows me to test out my newly learnt ‘cuffing’ skills (not a violent assault but shirt-artistry) from Jenna Lyons via The Man Repeller’s new Chatroom series. Although judging by the looks of things I’ve got quite a way to go on that lesson yet. And there goes the ice-cream.



Shirt РBy Zara / Necklace РBy Zara / Gold Necklace РMonica Vinader / Bag РYSL by Farfetch 

  • Katie

    I really like your bag :) is it vintage?

    • Thanks!!! No it’s from Farfetch Katie – they ship internationally. sophie x

  • Laura

    Is your watch from Larson Jennings? I have been looking at those for a while, but not sure if I should invest. Thanks, Laura.

    • Yes it is! They are such nice watches – glad I finally caved in and got one :) have a good day. Sophie x