The Sleepover Club




Hopefully someone else will be familiar with the 90s Nickelodeon program ‘The Sleepover Club‘ or this is just going to seem desperately forward on my part. My favourite member was Frankie, I remember her being pretty sassy and in charge of the situation – Wikipedia just says she was bossy – sounds about right. Anyway I loved the idea of all your friends constantly sleeping over, but I guess once you become an adult that has some different connotations.

Regardless, I think this outfit is definitely on the verge of pyjamas ‘I woke up like this duh’. Whilst still being acceptable in an office environment – maybe my colleagues will be the judge of that. Unfortunately I can’t quite persuade myself (or more realistically my boyfriend) that spending almost all my rent money on Chloe striped trousers is a good idea, GAP stepped in and filled the void on this one. So come on and sleep overrrrrrrrr.

Top by Topshop Boutique / Shirt by Zara / Trousers by Gap Body / Bag by Whistles 




  • Alice

    I’m not sure I would be brave enough to wear pyjamas outside but they look great! Good job!