S is For Skincare


Before moving to the tropics, I had visions of myself fresh-faced and prancing around with no make-up on, just a tan and a dewey complexion that screams I spend so much time on the beach and am really at one with the surf/nature.

Race forward 9 months to reality and I find that the last time I didn’t wear make-up I was mistaken for under-15 at an airport search, so that’s skewed that pipe-dream. More than that, I still do a 9-5 job and the lights in this office, blindingly bright as they are, aren’t emitting enough vitamin D to forsake the added-help just yet. Plus as some hideously cruel turn of fate, it actually turns out my pale, pale skin is physically incompatible with the sunshine…


So in lieu of the all-curing sunshine and having discovered that dry skin does go transatlantic at no extra cost, I ask myself daily if my pores can manage to carry themselves in tact over here then why the hell can’t Zara send me those leather trousers I must have in this 32 degree heat? Anyway, so here is the beauty 101, with love from my skin to yours.

1. Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer – Does what it says on the tin. Sometimes it has been quite heavy to use, particularly on the days where humidity reaches 80% here (I know, moist), but ultimately dryness needs a remedy and there ain’t none better than this. If you suffer from dry patches or redness (I mean that probably covers everyone but hey) then this works as well under make-up as it does as a night cap (lose the ice).

2. Kiehl’s Lip Balm – Modestly named ‘#1’ by some genius in the Kiehl’s marketing department. Annoyingly enough it is pretty damn good, but doesn’t taste so fresh. So don’t make the mistake of letting it melt in the midday sun and then drizzling it all over your lips – not refreshing in the slightest to drink the whole tube.

3. St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Face Scrub – Confession time. This product was initially purchased as a stop-gap. I had 3 days left of my trip and had used the last of my Kiehl’s face wash. I dispatched my other half to Walgreens to find a replacement, and (unswayed by the power of brands as his weak-willed counterpart is inclined to do so) this was what he returned with. I think, and I doubt he disagrees, his decision was made purely on cost (it is under $5 here…) and the fact he likes the smell of apricots – honestly some pretty good reasons, but I can now add to that list and say it works a treat too! Once the tube ran out (which took a while) I have been back several times to replenish my stocks.

4. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser (For All Skin Types) – This is great as a cleanser to use alongside the St Ives scrub – dry skin sometimes requires some stubborn removal work and the scrub achieves this perfectly, but would definitely be a bit harsh on a twice-daily usage. This is where another one of my Kiehl’s products takes the stage. This cleanser is relatively non-scented and only requires a small pea-size drop to lather up a full face. Plus they do give you a lot of free samples in the shop and well, who can resist that?

5. Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil – This is where I shred up my Kiehl’s loyalty card (if only that existed, I reckon I would be at a stage in life where I could redeem enough lotion/cream to fill a swimming pool and wade through it). Anyway Argan Oil (non-brand specific but this is the first I have tried and stuck with) is great for everything from the top of your head to your toes – although more specifically hair, cuticles and glossy-wrinkle-free skin. Rich in Vitamin E, it is making up for all that lost sun-time. Bingo!


  • Sarah Amal

    I used Keihl’s moisturiser but found it was super heavy, especially in the summer. Now I switch between that and a lighter cream under make up – I think it makes a big difference to the way my skin feels (maybe just me :)

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for reading and commenting. I know what you mean about Keihls’ it can be a little overwhelming on a hot morning but in general my skin is super dry so it needs all the help it can get! Sophie x