Catching some ZZZ’s with Travelodge



After the London Bloggers Party on Saturday, Travelodge caught wind that I would be needing somewhere to catch up on my beauty sleep and offered me their finest pillow services. They must have known I am definitely not the kind of girl to turn down such a kind offer.

So lets recap. Travelodge, that’s the one with the Lenny Henry advert right?

No wait, is it the aggressive Vinnie-Jones teddy bear in a dressing gown…?

Well, not exactly a glowing start, however with the promise of one of their newly renovated suites complete with the ”Rolls Royce” of beds I was replying to the email as soon as it had dropped into my inbox.





As promised the rooms have certainly come on leaps and bounds from the overnight-motorway-stop-Travelodge of the nineties that I remember so well (a cultural phenomenon down there with the Harvester carvery).

The bed was indeed luxurious as promised, and accommodating enough for the 6 ft plus Mr Fashion Nomad. The bathroom was sleek and practical and check-out time also wasn’t until midday which is ticking all the right boxes in my book.

The only downside was the slightly off the beaten track location, well it is a good 5 minute (7 with a suitcase) walk from Covent Garden tube station at the end of Drury Lane. But actually this turned out to be a silver lining as we weren’t kept up all night by Chinese tourists on the karaoke machine and various stag/hen parties.





Many thanks to Travelodge for being so accommodating.

And also for allowing me a second bowl of Crunchy Nut at breakfast…I’m not allowed at home.