Interview with What Olivia Did

What Olivia Did‘ has been the longest standing blog on our bookmark bar at Fashion Nomads. Olivia Purvis (mostly self-described as nervous Purvis) is endearing right from the start. With her posts about everything from outfits, baking, almond milk and interviews with Mark Ronson, this girl is anything but a wallflower.

For those readers who are unfamiliar with your blog, can you please give us three words to describe it?

Silly, stylish wannabe!

And so modest! What first inspired you to start your blog and why do you think you have been so successful and have so many addicted readers like us! 

I’d been reading fashion blogs for quite a while prior to starting my own so I guess I just wanted to get involved as I found it all pretty inspiring! I couldn’t tell you why I’ve been successful – I still find it surreal that people read my blog at all!

We think your photographs are a definite selling point. They are always so beautifully done on the blog – even with a year’s worth of Photoshop training we’re still not sure we quite have the eye for it – any tips on how to get a great picture?

Oh thank you! I think it is important to think about the background and the lighting quite a lot. I like to go for something quite plain or a location that really compliments what I am wearing. Plus shooting at the right time of day and not in direct sunlight always helps. But I am no expert!

Do you have any other nuggets of wisdom for aspiring bloggers taking their first steps into the world of blogging?

In all honesty? Just do it. There are so many ‘rules’ it seems nowadays that I just think starting a blog can be a pretty scary thing but once you get going, taking pictures and writing about something you really love, the rest will just come naturally to you!

Which trends do you think you’ll be trying out for spring/summer?

As always I’m a sucker for pastels and more than ever, the 1960’s (Note, Olivia often models an immaculate beehive.) I’ve already started building up an unhealthy collection of pastel green coloured clothing, so you can expect something minty fresh!
Now we all succumb (every now and then…) to a guilty purchase which sits in our wardrobes for months (read, years) to come and never gets worn. How do you make sure you maximise every item and wear it to its full potential?
This seems to be the story of my life! It does happen to me a lot, but I guess I try to avoid it by sorting out my wardrobe every few months and picking out things I haven’t worn and giving myself a cut off to wear them by until they are donated!

Now lets get down to the most important questions…

Dogs or cats?
Dogs. Cats. Dogs. Ah it is tough. Dogs..
Traveller or homebird?
A home bird with a case of wanderlust.
Cupcakes or macaroons?
Daytime adventures or night-time partying?
Always daytime adventures!
Now Olivia has picked out her all time favourite wardrobe item – the classic Breton top – that she has styled in three different ways for us. 
olivia 1Look I – With jeans, a contrast navy and burgundy coat, the Mulberry Alexa and ever-trusty Fedora hat.
 olivia 2Look II – Under a dungaree pinafore with summery brogues (and we might add, with the best hair we have seen in a long while.)
olivia 3
Look III – Seaside chic – with black jeans, a leather jacket and the most loved hat in the blogosphere.
We would like to thank Olivia for all her time and great answers. Our love affair with her blog won’t be dampened any time soon!