London Fashion Weekend with Vodafone











Hold the phone! Girls everywhere, stop forging those press passes or bribing strangers to conceal you in their handbag. London Fashion Week wants us all. In the spirit of all things egalitarian (the fashion industry is obviously renowned for their charitable spirit) those pearly gates have been flung wide open – well wide enough to accommodate those with a ticket. They are inviting the great and the good into the inner circle, to take a bite of the (low-fat) pie and walk the cobblestones where only hours earlier Delevingne, Dunn and Wintour graced London with their presence.

Vodafone London Fashion Weekend is the answer to most girls’ dreams. Wanna be in the front row? You go girl! Wanna get a designer spring/summer wardrobe for half the price? It’s coming right at ya. But most importantly do you want to Instragram more photos than ever before? Well then come this way.

Fashion Weekend is not for the faint of heart, pulling in big crowds and with some serious shopping to be done many people seem to see red mist and rage like a bull on steroids around the place. But for those willing to take a step back and let all this wash over them like the first skinny latte of the day, this is undeniably a great day out.

One thing you can’t accuse the British Fashion Council of, is failing to put on a show. For the last few years they have even brought in fashion royalty in the form of Hilary Alexander to curate the catwalk shows. One of her trends was called ‘Urban Lifestyle’ reflecting items that could be taken from the catwalk to wear at work.  I had long suspected that Hilary would be a reader of Fashion Nomads…

Above you can see a couple of my favourite outfits, in particular the white bicycle goggles (which are not at all clear in the photograph so I apologise) matched with a Boris bike, emulating the PPQ show. Although it was certainly no Mulberry Poodle. I also really liked Holly Fulton’s pink plastic dress with blue organza flowers, seen in the final photo. Although admittedly not the sort of get-up you could throw on for a milk dash to Tesco.

Once again I was thoroughly glad we had been to Fashion Weekend, not least because I could share my photographs and thoughts with you. My final words go to the unfortunate woman who was sat behind me at the show and whose view I kept obscuring for my photos. Im sorry but my arms were just too short. Your patience was appreciated. Till next season!

Thanks to Vodafone for taking us along!